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We carry a full line of Goodyear tires in all sizes & models.

Dually Valve Stem Kits
Dually Valve Stem Kits
All kits include 6 stems.
Inflate all 6 tires in 10 minutes or less! (Steel Wheels Only)

All kits work with after market tire pressure monitoring systems.
Kit #1-6FCD (for early 16" -16.5" Ford, Chevy, and Dodge duallys)
$135.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #2-6F (for 1992-present 16" Ford Dually 8 hand hole)
$135.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #3-6D (for 2002-15 17" Dodge, Chevy Dually 5 hand hole)
$135.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #4-6DS (for 2007-2012 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Chassy without liner)
$145.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #4-6DS upgraded (for 2007-2012 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Chassy with liners)
$170.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #4-6DS upgraded (for 18 round hole rim with liners)
$170.00 + $12.00 s/h
Kit #5-6F (for 2006-2015+ Ford E4 50)
$155.00 + $12.00 s/h
Additional Products
Additional Products
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