Kit #5-6F
Kit #5-6F
For 2006-2014 + Ford E-450

Things to Know Before You Get Started

Installation Instructions
  1. Get all 6 tires of vehicle off the ground 1 inch. If it has simulators, remove all 6 simulators. Unbolt front tires, install front stems, use one gasket each, rebalance tire and re-install on the vehicle tightening lug nuts to factory specifications.
  2. Move to the right rear, remove lug nuts. Remove wheels and take to the tire machine, deflate both tires. Take the inside wheel, break the bead of the tire, and remove the old valve stem. Take the long inside dually stem from the kit. Remove the nut, the concave washer, and flat rubber washer. Apply thread locker to the valve stems threads and insert through the valve stem holes in the wheel. Install flat rubber washer (if it's .453), concave metal washer, and nut. Torque valve stem nut to 45 to 55 inch pounds. Rebalance tire, lay on floor, stem up.
  3. Repeat step 2 for the outer stem. Caution -- when placing this wheel on the balancer and off the balancer make sure valve stem is at 6 o'clock (at the bottom). After rebalancing of outer wheel, carefully set it on top of the inner dual that is on the floor. Make sure that the stems are 180 degrees out from one another. Align all lug nut holes. If you have simulators, now is the time to refit them to the wheels.
    Make any adjustment to the long valve stem now. After adjustments, remove simulator. Take the wheels back to the vehicle and reinstall. Inside wheel with valve stem at 12 o'clock and outside dual at 6 o'clock. Tighten lug nuts to factory specifications.
  4. Move to the left side of the vehicle and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. Reinstall all simulators and put on all 6 air through valve caps. Let vehicle down.
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Kit #5-6F

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