Kit #2-6F Installation Instructions
Kit #2-6F Installation Instructions
For 1992-Present 16" Ford Dually 8 hand hold
  • The picture to the left shows the final position of the valve stems when they are in the wheels and mounted on the vehicle. Notice both valve stems end up 180 degrees out from each other.
  • Use the blue thread locker that comes with the kit only on the four rear dual stems.
  • When installing this kit is not not necessary to dismount the tires from the rim.

Installation Instructions
  1. Raise the vehicle so that all 6 tires are off the ground 1 inch. If the vehicle comes with simulators, remove all 6 simulators.
  2. Remove the front wheels and install the front two stems as you would any metal valve stem, rebalance, reinstall on the front of the vehicle and torque to factory specs.
  3. Right Rear Duals
  4. Repeat step 3 on the left side of the vehicle.
  5. Install all simulators and air through valve caps.
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